Goodshots: Hey Tony!

This video series features Tony’s responses to actual questions about real life issues submitted recently by teens on his retreats.
Check back regularly to see if your question has been answered.

Meme Collections


Collection of Christian-oriented inspirational memes.

Godfather Memes

Collection of Catholic Christian memes including from Pope Francis.

Civilization of Love

All things love memes.

Barefoot Prophet

Spiritually inspiring memes that are comforting and challenging.

Man in Black

No nonsense motivation memes often with an edge.

Secret Files of Zero Gravity

Do you have a sense of humor? God does! This is a stream of memes Tony has made or found funny.

Deeper Dive

Tony's Books

Tony's Video Series'

Tony’s Master Class

Featuring inspirational talks and stories, action tips, life-changing memes, and prayer.


Video series focusing on spirituality for guys.

Tony’s very popular international website. A collection of news stories about Antarctica, the environment, universe, as well as the quirky and obscure. Features “Soul Fountain” a collection of poetry, art, photography submitted from all over the world. There are also cartoon and inspirational quotes sections.

Tony’s collection of youth ministry resources collected from half a century of experience

Tony’s global movement to transform the world with Love