MTG Fallout w/ Kyle Hill & Tiffany Smith | Game Knights 68 | Magic The Gathering Commander Gameplay

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The post-apocalyptic world just got a little better, because the Game Knights have emerged from the vault, and they’re ready to do battle across the wild wastelands with the new preconstructed decks from Universes Beyond: Fallout!

This episode, Jimmy and JLK are joined by two special guests: actor Tiffany Smith making her Game Knights debut, and the man of Science! himself, educator and YouTuber Kyle Hill! They’re duking-it-out with mutants, monsters, robots, and raiders in the ultimate battle for survival. Brought to you by the good folks at Vault-Tec!

It’s Dogmeat vs. The Wise Mothman vs. Caesar vs. Liberty Prime

War never changes. In the end, ONLY ONE MAY STAND!


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Where to find our guests online:

Kyle Hill:
Twitter: @Sci_Phile
Instagram: @sci_phile

Tiffany Smith:
Twitter: @Tiffany_Smith
Instagram: @tiffany_smith


Deck Lists:

Jimmy’s Wise Mothman Decklist:

Tiffany’s Caesar Decklist:

JLK’s Dogmeat Decklist:

Kyle’s Liberty Prime Decklist:



Director: Jake Boss
Executive Producer: Josh Lee Kwai
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Lead Editor: Josh Murphy
Editor: Manson Leung
Lead VFX: Sam Waldow
VFX Artist: Evan Limberger
Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss
Assistant Editor: Arthur Meadowcroft
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Jake Boss & Josh Murphy
Rules Expert: Jamie Block
Writers: Jamie Block & Jordan Pridgen
Art Director: Ashlen Rose
Theme Music: Post Malone


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March 7, 2024

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