Nicholas Irving on Sniper Simo Häyhä’s 500+ Kills: They Were Really Fighting for Something (Part 13)

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Sniper Nicholas Irving discussed the characteristics of successful snipers, contrary to conventional imagery of snipers, who are often depicted as big, tough figures. Irving argued a calm, unassuming demeanor often defines the most successful snipers. He uses examples from his colleagues, stating that many appear like “frail little nerds” but possess the mental strengths necessary for the role. Throughout the conversation, Irving reiterated the importance of patience and calmness in sniping situations making a case for why women could make great snipers, citing an inherent ability to be patient and to care and protect like a mother. He also discussed historical sniper figures, including Simo Häyhä — a sniper with over 500 confirmed kills. On the topic of coping with such a history, Irving suggested the motive behind the fight significantly impacts a sniper’s mental state and coping abilities, with a personal cause or defending one’s homeland proving to be compelling driving forces.

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March 7, 2024

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